Football fever: Sustainability and solar-powered stadiums

Football provides an arena – both literal and figurative – where the message of sustainability can be communicated to thousands. Football clubs have been quick to seize on the opportunity to boost their green credentials. Werder Bremen, a German Continue Reading

7 steps to install solar panels on your business

This article was originally published on Brighter Business, Opus Energy's advice and information hub for small businesses. For business owners concerned about the environment, making the switch to Continue Reading

Recharging Chernobyl: Solar power brings new life to old land

The Chernobyl disaster is widely recognised as the worst nuclear power station disaster. More than thirty years on, however, the site is back producing energy for Ukraine. This time, the Continue Reading

Small café, big energy: Powering a charity

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Café No.5 is part of ValePlus, a charity that operates across Barry and Llantwit Major in south Wales. The charity offers education and employment opportunities to people with learning Continue Reading

Three ways small businesses can use renewable energy to their advantage

There’s more than one way that businesses can use renewable energy to give their company a boost. From generating income to promoting a brand-bolstering message, renewable energy might have more Continue Reading

Innovative robotics technology underway at Opus Energy, writes Jonathan Kini

Robotics technology is transforming the operations here at Opus Energy, improving service and freeing up time for our teams to work on more interesting matters and do even more to help customers, Continue Reading

3 ways artifical intelligence is transforming renewable energy

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AI has been heralded as a game changing technology for many industries, and it may be the use of AI in the energy industry that is so far one of the most exciting applications. AI brings an Continue Reading

A cut above the rest: The power of the local barbershop

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Beckets is a leading barbershop and men’s hairdressers on the Wellingborough Road in Northampton, catering to the discerning gentleman. “We look at the experience factor. Barbering, Continue Reading

Gamlingay Community Turbine: Energising village life

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 In 2013, a group of people in the village of Gamlingay, Cambridgeshire set up their own wind turbine for the village. Like all good ideas, it started with a conversation in the pub, and grew Continue Reading

Six Nations rugby players generate enough power to cook over 800 pizzas

Just in - our latest research reveals that Six Nations Rugby players could power up to 46kWh through their energetic play during the course of the championship. Using some clever calculations Continue Reading