The UK’s (new) biggest solar farm is just around the corner

The UK could get its largest solar farm in 2020, and it could be built without any government support. Spread across almost 900 acres of the Kent countryside and with a generation capacity of 350 MW, the Cleve Hill installation would generate enough electricity to power as many as 110,000 homes. The scale of the […]

A renewable review: Five cool things that happened in 2017

New milestones, falling costs and growth for the UK – 2017 has been another great year for renewable energy, building on some of the successes of 2016 and seeing further innovations, improvements and exciting developments. Read on for some of the best news to come out of the renewable energy sector over the past 12 […]

Can we improve solar generation by opening up the light spectrum?

The recent installation of photovoltaic solar has far outstripped the growth of previous years, so says a new report published by REN21, global renewable energy policy network. 75 GW of solar was installed in 2016, outstripping 2015 installations by almost 25 GW. This is thanks, in part, to the mass production and shipping of solar […]

How man-made coral is unlocking the potential of tidal power

Wave power is a relatively untapped source of energy that could play a huge role in satisfying energy demand in years to come. Estimates vary on just how much energy could be generated by wave power, but research published earlier in the year estimated that, in the future, wave power technologies could contribute up to […]

Making historic buildings energy efficient: the challenges and the solutions

There are more than two million buildings and structures in the UK which are considered to be of special architectural or historic interest. From Belfast’s Grand Opera House and the Forth Bridge in Scotland to the Alexandra Road Estate in North London, these structures show the rich architectural and engineering history of the U., These […]

There’s more than one benefit to being a sustainable business, says Drax Retail CEO Jonathan Kini

Being sustainable can have more business benefits than just being good to the planet – so says Drax Retail CEO, Jonathan Kini, in a recent interview with Business Reporter.

Sri Lanka reveals plans for 100% renewable energy by 2050

A recent reported jointly published by the Asia Development Bank and the United Nations Development Programme has laid out the long-term plan for Sri Lanka’s eventual transition to 100% renewable energy in electricity generation. The publication, 100% Electricity Generation Through Renewable Energy by 2050 – an Assessment of Sri Lanka’s Power Sector, offers an in-depth […]

How blockchain could revolutionise the energy industry

Blockchain has burst on to the scene and into the collective consciousness over the last few months. The technology is lauded as a gamechanger across several industries. But trying to understand what blockchain is and what it can do is tricky because of its complexity. In the simplest possible terms, blockchain is a virtual ledger […]

Met Office and Met Eiraeann announce storms Aileen, Hector and Octavia for 2017-2018

The meteorological bodies of the UK and Ireland, the Met Office and Met Éireann, have released the latest batch of names that will be given to the year’s most notable storms.

Our UK renewable power generation, at a glance

Opus Energy is committed to sustainability – last year, 90% of the energy supplied to our customers came from renewable sources, at no extra cost. We don’t just supply energy, however. We also buy energy from renewable generators across the UK. The generators that we partner with come from a wide range of backgrounds, from businesses that […]