Can a country run on renewables alone?

The prospect of a future world run entirely by renewable energy has been the subject of debate among scientists for a number of years. But now it’s beginning to seem as though it could be a real possibility. Recently, the entire country of Portugal was able to go an incredible 4 days (107 hours) on […]

Water-collecting billboards bringing hope to Indian farming communities

In Pune, a west Indian city devastated by drought, five billboards are giving the local community a glimmer of hope. The Vodafone-funded billboards, designed by the engineering firm Kinetic, are fitted with a U-shaped aluminium sheet to funnel rainwater through a tube to 2,000 litre water tanks which sit at the base of each board. […]

The first village in Australia to go 100% renewable

A remote village in Australia has attracted international attention after a new plan by its residents to disconnect entirely from the Aussie power grid. Tyalgum, set among the rolling hills near the Queensland-New South Wales border, is a little town in a region famous for its alternative and environmentally conscious lifestyle. If the plans are […]

Brighter Business advice hub goes live!

Things are getting exciting in our digital channels, because we have now officially launched our Brighter Business website – the online hub for SME business advice. Powered by us, the site formerly known as ‘Opus Energy Gift’ has received a new makeover, optimised with small businesses in mind and with a completely new feel, making it […]

Google uses pioneering AI to cut its energy bills

In a 150,000 sq m room sits one of Google’s huge data centres. Pulsing through its many servers are cat videos, Netflix downloads and on-demand music. There are thousands of similar rooms across the world, all requiring a huge amount of heat and power to stay alive. Individually, our browsing habits have a relatively small […]

Thorium: the wonder fuel that nearly was

In a fascinating new TED talk, NASA scientist Kirk Sorensen takes a look at the incredible potential of chemical element ‘thorium’ as a power source.

Which Olympic sport matches your business style?

Running a business can sometimes feel like an Olympian task, but how does your business style compare to the attitude of athletes? Take the quiz here! Opus Energy surveyed 250 SME owners, examining the energy they put into their businesses, and the way they run them; from the day-to-day tasks, to management of staff, to […]

How ‘smart villages’ are reshaping Indian communities

For the roughly 200 million Indians living off the grid, access to power is a luxury, not a basic human right. But this could be about to change. The Indian government has pledged a monumental £10.9bn to a first-of-its-kind ‘smart village’ programme which aims to help the poor to bypass the more traditional power networks […]

Come rain or shine: A history of Wimbledon weather

The Wimbledon Championships is the oldest tennis tournament in the world and, arguably, the most prestigious. Fans can expect gameplay across 19 grass courts, with everything from men’s and women’s singles, doubles competitions, youth competitions, wheelchair matches…all washed down with champagne, and plenty of strawberries and cream. 2016 marks the 130th that the tournament has been hosted […]

Bangladeshi answer to free air-con is rubbish

In rural areas of Bangladesh where the risk of flooding is high, as much as 70% of the population lives in corrugated tin huts. Although more resistant to flooding, these houses can become unbearably hot in the heat of the summer, leading to extreme discomfort and, in some cases, death. In environments like these, air […]