We’re going to walk a mile in your shoes

Running a small business takes energy. Not just electricity to power the business, but physical and mental energy; to get you out of bed at 5am, to work through the night, to go above and beyond to meet an order or fix an issue.

New research says SMEs aren’t fazed by a post-Brexit world – download now

How confident are you feeling about your business prospects, right now? And how about in two years’ time, when the UK will be living post-Brexit? Small businesses account for £1.8 trillion of the nation’s economy, yet in times of uncertainty they are almost always the first businesses to feel the effects of adversity. Amidst the […]

Brighter Business advice hub goes live!

Things are getting exciting in our digital channels, because we have now officially launched our Brighter Business website – the online hub for SME business advice. Powered by us, the site formerly known as ‘Opus Energy Gift’ has received a new makeover, optimised with small businesses in mind and with a completely new feel, making it […]

Which Olympic sport matches your business style?

Running a business can sometimes feel like an Olympian task, but how does your business style compare to the attitude of athletes? Take the quiz here! Opus Energy surveyed 250 SME owners, examining the energy they put into their businesses, and the way they run them; from the day-to-day tasks, to management of staff, to […]

The easy way to say thank you this Small Business Saturday

Here at Opus Energy, we’re really excited about this year’s Small Business Saturday campaign. The event, which pays homage to the great and the good of the SME world, was set up as an opportunity to appreciate all the ways small and medium sized enterprises make a difference to our lives, day by day. In […]

Small Business Advice Week is bigger this year than ever

September has kicked off with a bang for many businesses, thanks to national Small Business Advice Week and some exciting news from Opus Energy… Small Business Advice Week has been running for over a decade, helping millions of small businesses up and down the country, as well as highlighting big businesses that work hard to […]

9 reasons your business needs to get on board with Small Business Saturday 2015

If you’re a certain type of person, you already may be looking forward to Christmas in December. If you’re a small business owner, however, you should be looking forward to something much more exciting – Small Business Saturday 2015. It’s an incredible event that supports small businesses all over the UK on the first Saturday […]

9 smart articles that small business owners need to read

If you’re reading this blog post, there’s a good chance you own or work in a micro, small or medium business – they’re a big part of the UK’s growing business economy as well as being a big part of what we do at Opus Energy. But working in a small business has its challenges […]

Green up your business in 4 simple steps

Nowadays you would be hard pressed to find a business that isn’t keen on being environmentally conscious in some way. After all, many of the changes we make to help save the planet also help us save some money as well. But while the desire is there, often times business owners aren’t sure exactly where or […]

Business Boost Report

The Business Boost Report We asked 500 UK SMEs what would help them grow their business in 2015. Half of SMEs in the UK are feeling optimistic about their growth possibilities in 2015, but success is not guaranteed! In this report you’ll find out: How SMEs feel about their growth chances in the next year […]