Opus Energy: our commitment to sustainability and our work in our communities

At Opus Energy, we’re passionate about sustainability. As part of Drax, we’re committed to ensuring a zero-carbon, lower-cost energy future. It’s why, last year, 100% of the energy we supplied to our customers came from renewable sources. The energy that we’ve supplied to our customers comes from a range of sources and locations. Whether it’s […]

Insects are inspiring improved renewable energy technologies

Biomimetics is an established field in engineering. The practice draws inspiration from nature to improve models, processes and systems. We have biomimetic engineering to thank for Velcro (inspired by the way that burr seeds stick to animal hairs) and bird-safe glass, among others. Now, engineers may have stumbled upon the next big development in renewable […]

Take caution – fraudulent emails claiming to be from Opus Energy

We have just been informed that fraudulent emails are being sent to individuals, falsely claiming to be sent by Opus Energy. The design of these emails very closely matches Opus Energy’s email templates, and the email address that they appear to be sent from has also been spoofed, making it hard for the recipient to tell […]