Take caution – fraudulent emails claiming to be from Opus Energy

We have just been informed that fraudulent emails are being sent to individuals, falsely claiming to be sent by Opus Energy.

The design of these emails very closely matches Opus Energy’s email templates, and the email address that they appear to be sent from has also been spoofed, making it hard for the recipient to tell the difference.

These emails are being sent to both customers and non-customers alike, and are not the result of a data breach. This is a type of email scam called ‘phishing’, which tries to obtain personal or sensitive information by getting the recipient to click on bogus links or download files from emails.

How do you spot the difference?

Real email:



Spoof email:



Although on first glance the two emails appear to be identical, this isn’t the case. Here’s what you need to look out for:

  1. Subject line: The subject line on a genuine email will always include your Opus Energy Account ID. This is not present in the spoof email.
  2. Pink button: The pink button on a genuine email always says ‘View my invoice’. The spoof email is asking you to ‘Download invoice’, instead.
  3. Email text: The first line of text in a genuine email always  includes your Opus Energy account number. This is absent in the spoof email.

What to do next

If you have received this email yourself, please DO NOT click on any links in the email. You may also want to report the fraudulent email to Action Fraud either on their website at http://www.actionfraud.police.uk/ or by phone at 0300 123 2040.


  1. Lynne Crooks says:

    Please not I haven’t had any emails but someone phoned me about two weeks ago asking for my meter details as there had been a problem at Opus supposedly I though t it was odd at the time but as he didn’t ask for any bank details didn’t worry me too much, perhaps this was a phishing exercise too?

    • Hi Lynne – would you be able to provide your business name so we can look into this for you? I’d be happy to arrange a call from someone in our Customer Care team to double check that everything is fine – Sarah

  2. Gail Chick says:

    Thank you for your advise. However I have already received the spam email and clicked on the pink download invoice button. What should I do now? What is it likely to do to my computer?

  3. As per Lynne Crooks we are plagued by Opus Energy Metering Department trying to confirm out meter details. I knew this was a scam call – they give Opus Customer Service number but claim you cannot contact them as they are a remote office. When i contacted Opus in September 2017(?) to confirm if the call was genuine they confirmed that they had never heard of the caller, didn’t have such a department and after checking call logs confirmed they had not called us for a long time. All the calls are from India and use VOIP. I am not quite sure what they are trying to achieve as they appear to have partial details which i assume are publicly available but we are now on about a call a week from them. My last call was hilarious as i played them and asked to speak to a supervisor and the same guy came back on but put on a high voice which he dropped half way through the first sentence.
    Overtime they call i ask them to confirm the Opus Energy account number and the named contact – they are unable to do either to which I tell them that if they were actually calling from Opus Energy they would have access.
    Sadly putting the phone down on them is not enough as it seems to autodial straight back so you have to tell them EVERY time that you are aware they are not calling from Opus Energy and the their call is fraudulent – then they call back next week!!!

    • Hi there. We take fraudulent communications very seriously, and I’d like to thank you for taking the time to check if this was genuine contact from our teams. It seems very apparent that it wasn’t, in which case we’d like to investigate further. Are you able to source a number that they are calling from in your call history? If so, we may be able to look into this to try and get it sorted. In the meantime, we’re sorry to hear you’ve been hassled, and thank you for flagging it up.

  4. Donna Appleton says:

    Hi there, I have just had the same phone call, same reason for calling. I’m very wary of phone calls like these so, I was cautious but this made the guy become irate with me at times. I told him I could not log on because the internet was slow and he kept telling me to hurry up and check the bill to confirm end date of the contract. Told him to call back within half an hour whilst I find what he wants, this gave me the chance to ring Opus to confirm it was fraudulent phone call.
    He soon phoned back, again getting annoyed because I wouldn’t give him the information he needed, he did end up putting the phone down on me haha.

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