India becomes home of the world’s largest solar power plant

The world’s largest photovoltaic solar power plant has been built in the Tamil Nadu region of southern India. The complex near Kamuthi covers an area 10km2 and is capable of generating nearly 650 MW.

The news means that the complex is the second largest in the world, with its 648 MW capacity dwarfing both the 500 MW Topaz Solar Farm in California and the 160 MW output of Morocco’s Noor I complex in Ouarzazate.

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This means that India now produces 10 GW of energy per year from solar sources. Tamil Nadu is one of the highest generating states, followed by Rajasthan, Gujarat and Punjab.

The solar farm is capable of providing energy to power around 150,000 homes, and as well as the impressive scale of energy generation, the solar farm is cleaned daily by a robotic system which is charged by the complex.

The development of the plant, and India’s commitment to continue building its solar capacity by as much as 10 GW per year over the next three years, puts the country on course to be the third largest market for solar power in the world behind China and the US.

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Utility scale solar farms like the Kamuthi complex total 85% of the installed solar capacity in India, with rooftop installations amounting to about 10%. India has a progressive approach to renewable energy – by 2030, the country is aiming to produce 40% of its energy from renewable sources.

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The Ministry of New and Renewable Energy in India is pressing forward to achieve this target, with an extensive programme of renewable projects being rolled out and the construction of a new electrical grid to transfer renewable energy across the country.

This proactive approach is complemented by ongoing research and development into geo-thermal, ocean energy, biofuels, and other sources of renewable energy.

To find out more about India’s Ministry of New and Renewable Energy and the projects currently underway, visit their website.

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