Bill Gates, Carbon Capture Storage, and trying to save the world

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Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) is a sustainability technology which has been deployed with some successes, but only on a small scale. However, some people are working on a CCS plan larger than Continue Reading

Energy efficient Britain: Electricity consumption falls 2% in the UK

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An analysis of electricity consumption across the EU has found that the UK reduced its electricity use in 2017, while 27 European countries included in the analysis saw their electricity use increase Continue Reading

Opus Energy announces sponsorship of FSB Celebrating Small Businesses awards

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We are delighted to announce that Opus Energy is a category award sponsor at the FSB Celebrating Small Business Awards 2018. The FSB – Federation of Small Businesses – is the largest UK group Continue Reading

New wind generation record sets 2018 off to green start

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January is rarely anyone’s favourite month, but over the last few years it has developed a reputation as the month in which renewable energy shines. 2018 has been no exception – on 17th Continue Reading

The UK’s 25 year environmental plan – where are we headed?

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The UK government has announced a new, 25-year plan for environmental protection and improvement. Launched in early 2018, the plan is a comprehensive commitment to improving the UK’s Continue Reading

Opus Energy supplied 90% renewable electricity to its customers at no extra cost

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Since Opus Energy was founded in 2002, we’ve been embracing renewable energy sources as one of the best ways to power British businesses. Because of this philosophy, we source Continue Reading

Record-breaking 2017: 12 clean energy milestones smashed

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2017 was a fantastic year – and a record-breaking one – for renewable energy in the UK. In total, there were a staggering 12 energy generation records broken over the course of the year, all Continue Reading

2018: What’s happening this year in renewable energy innovation?

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A brand new year is upon us, and it looks like a brighter, greener future is on the horizon. The ever-changing energy market looks set to see some big shifts this year, both in the UK and Continue Reading

Will we have a renewable energy-powered Christmas?

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2018 could be the year that we’re dreaming of a green Christmas. Last year, more than 40% of the electricity generated on Christmas Day came from renewable sources. We can thank our seasonally Continue Reading

How technology and renewable energy is curbing air pollution

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In recent years, air quality has become a hot topic of discussion. One of the underlying issues affecting air quality is pollution. How is our air getting polluted? As the mayor of London has Continue Reading