The challenges of decarbonisation: How does a country go carbon neutral?

decarbonisation, generation, electricity, renewable

Thanks to the huge role that electricity plays in our day-to-day lives, we – our businesses and homes – have become dependent on it. However, our dependence on electricity is problematic. To supply Continue Reading

California dreaming of 100% renewable energy by 2045

California, renewable energy, 100%, bill, assembly

An ambitious bill has been voted on in the California Assembly that aims to see the state receive 100% of its energy from renewable sources by 2045. The bill was put forward by Kevin de Leon, the Continue Reading

Future gazing: Where will the energy industry be in 2050?

national grid, future energy scenarios, future, energy, industry, renewables

The National Grid has released its annual report, Future Energy Scenarios, which predicts how the national energy network may look and operate in the future. The report, released online, explores Continue Reading

Wind power 101: The science behind our largest source of renewable power

One day in early June this year saw wind energy contributing 10% to the UK’s energy mix, and we've welcomed some innovative wind energy projects – but how much do you know about the actual workings Continue Reading

Concentrated Solar Power could soon come to Tunisia

concentrated solar power, solar panels, tunisia, tunur, renewable energy

The Tunisian Sahara Desert could soon be the home of a 4.5 GW Concentrated Solar Power facility – and the energy produced there may be exported to Europe. Continue Reading

How do we put wind farms in the sea?

wind farm, wind turbines, offshore, building, construction

Wind power has gone from strength to strength, becoming a popular source of renewable power. As an energy source, it is limitless, and the continued growth of the industry has helped to push down Continue Reading

The Energy Bulletin: Regulations round-up August 2017

energy review, beis, department, regulations

BEIS department announces independent energy market review This month, the Government has announced the launch of an independent review into the UK energy market. The review will be comprehensive, Continue Reading

Superb Sweden: How they’ve achieved 52% renewable power

Sweden, renewable energy, power, wind, turbines

Sweden is following in the footsteps of many countries in mainland Europe with its progressive approach to renewable energy. In Sweden, 52% of energy comes from renewable sources. This is a result Continue Reading

Latest research says smart meters are on the up

smart meter, ofgem, smarter markets, Opus Energy

A new report on public awareness of smart meters has been published, showing that 97% of the British public are now aware of smart meters and their benefits. The findings from the Smart Energy Continue Reading

China cleans up coal in the transition to renewable energy

Coal Power Plant In Nightfall

China is cleaning up its carbon footprint with a root-and-branch approach to its energy network. The country is on a radical drive cut its coal use, motivated both by its obligations under the Continue Reading