Dam impressive: Norway leads Europe for hydropower

When it comes to renewable energy, there are a couple of big players in the global game – and Norway is one of them. The Nordic country is aiming for 67.5% renewable energy by 2020, which sounds daunting, but the Norwegian government isn’t too worried. That’s because an astonishing 98% of all energy production in […]

The ultimate guide to renewable energy types

Electricity generated from algae? Heat harnessed from the depths of the Earth’s core? There’s more to renewable energy than wind turbines and solar panels – scroll down and discover the biggest and most intriguing sources of renewable energy.

Going underground: the New York State mine that’s becoming a hydroelectric station

A group of engineers in an American town are planning to convert a former mine into a subterranean hydroelectric station, according to a report by Yahoo. Minesville town, in New York State, is the site of a derelict mine which could soon be transformed into a one-of-a-kind hydroelectric project. The former iron mine closed in […]

Opus Energy announces 2,000th renewable energy generator

The town of Doune is perched on the hills of Scotland in the historic district of Stirling.  Recently it also became the home of a new milestone: Opus Energy’s 2,000th renewable energy generator.   Like much of Scotland, Doune has an abundance of rivers; sources of great potential for hydropower generation. Hydropower generators use the […]