Future gazing: Where will the energy industry be in 2050?

The National Grid has released its annual report, Future Energy Scenarios, which predicts how the national energy network may look and operate in the future. The report, released online, explores the ‘trilemma’ facing the energy network: security of supply, sustainability and affordability. These are problems for energy consumers as much as they are for energy […]

Energy theft: The dangers you need to know about

Energy theft is an issue that causes major problems both for the energy supplier and energy consumer. At best, it’s an illegal activity that can cost fellow consumers a lot of money. At worst, it can cause dangerous incidents and fatalities. This is a crime, but it also carries serious safety risks. Here’s what you need […]

Everything you need to know about the European Super Grid

Renewable power is taking off across the globe; the UK has become the home of the worlds’ largest wind turbines, while battery technology is becoming a viable technology from America to Australia. So how can we better facilitate low-carbon energy in an ever-changing industry? A recent report by the environmental organisation Greenpeace estimates that a “super […]

Project Nexus is complete: What was it, and what happened?

Xoserve, the administrator of the UK gas network, has announced that Project Nexus was successfully completed on 1st June. The project, an infrastructural upgrade of the UK Link system which manages the country’s gas network, was called a “significant achievement” for all involved parties. For such a landmark project, Nexus passed quietly and almost unnoticed […]

The Internet of Things will change the energy industry as we know it

Connecting to the internet has come a long way since the loud, clunky process of firing up the dial-up. And we’re no longer sat at a computer desk powering on a PC tower. Analyst firm Gartner says that by the end of 2017, there will be 8.4 billion ‘things’ connected to the internet – from […]