Record-breaking renewables contribute more than half of the UK’s electricity on single day

Renewable energy sources have written themselves into the record books and the history books in the UK, generating more than 50% of the country’s energy on a single day in June. 7th June was an early summer day characterised by both good sunlight and high winds, which boosted electricity output. The National Grid later confirmed […]

Floating tidal turbine off Orkney Islands smashes generation records

A floating tidal turbine has smashed generation records in Scotland, matching the generation capacity of offshore wind turbines. The SR2000, designed by Scotrenewables Tidal Power, is the world’s largest and most powerful tidal device. The machine is currently undergoing grid-connected testing, which saw it generate 18 MWh over a 24-hour period. This represents a serious […]

Dutch focus on offshore wind helps to reduce carbon footprint

Dutch renewable energy figures received a bump in May thanks to the completion of a new 600 MW offshore wind farm in the North Sea. The Gemini wind farm, situated off the north coast of the Netherlands, is reckoned to be one of the world’s largest offshore wind projects with 150 individual turbines spaced over […]

The illustrated step-by-step guide to anaerobic digestion

Would you recognise an anaerobic digestion plant if you saw one? Shaun Heasman, Renewables Specialist at Opus Energy, knows them inside out – and can prove it. His miniature model making – scroll down to see his detailed work – inspired us to take a closer look at what actually happens inside one of these […]

University of Iowa turns to biomass grass to fuel its dreams of a coal-free future

The University of Iowa expects to be coal-free by 2025, thanks to its innovative Biomass Fuel Project. The university, in a joint programme with Iowa State University and the Leopold Centre for Sustainable Agriculture, is testing the efficiency of a number of biomass fuels, and working with farmers across the state to grow fuel in […]

Flower power: biomimetics gives new meaning to solar plants

An Austrian company has taken the idea of flower power to the next level, designing an innovative new range of sun-tracking photovoltaic solar devices.

Icelandic engineers drill into a volcano to test hydrothermal potential

Engineers in Iceland have finished drilling into a volcano ahead of experiments which will determine the hydrothermal potential of undersea volcanic shafts, according to a report by the BBC. The Iceland Deep Drilling Project is being jointly-funded by a consortium of Icelandic energy companies and the government, and will be exploring the potential viability of undersea […]

The ultimate guide to renewable energy types

Electricity generated from algae? Heat harnessed from the depths of the Earth’s core? There’s more to renewable energy than wind turbines and solar panels – scroll down and discover the biggest and most intriguing sources of renewable energy.

Researchers at Harvard create flow battery with ten-year life span

Scientists at Harvard University’s School of Engineering and Applied Sciences have developed a new battery which may be capable of holding its charge for “exceptionally long” periods of time. It’s thanks to a type of rechargeable battery called a ‘flow battery’. In flow batteries, chemical compounds are dissolved in liquids which are separated by a […]

Branching out: scientists mimic nature with electricity-generating tree

Scientists at Iowa State University have created a small-scale device which could offer an alternative to traditional wind turbines: an tree that makes electricity when its leaves blow in the wind.