China cleans up coal in the transition to renewable energy

China is cleaning up its carbon footprint with a root-and-branch approach to its energy network. The country is on a radical drive cut its coal use, motivated both by its obligations under the Paris Agreement and also the urgent need to improve air quality across the country. Despite being the world number one for installed […]

Floating turbines give Scotland’s wind industry the edge

Scotland has an admirable record with renewable energy, particularly when it comes to community-owned projects. But the country is aiming to increase its renewable energy installations across the board as part of an optimistic drive. One contributing factor is a willingness to experiment with new technologies – one company which is trialling tidal energy recently […]

Everything you need to know about the European Super Grid

Renewable power is taking off across the globe; the UK has become the home of the worlds’ largest wind turbines, while battery technology is becoming a viable technology from America to Australia. So how can we better facilitate low-carbon energy in an ever-changing industry? A recent report by the environmental organisation Greenpeace estimates that a “super […]

Could hydrogen be the energy storage solution of the future?

The take-up of renewable energy sources is well underway all across the world, but as countries concentrate their efforts on moving to renewable sources, they must focus, too, on the issue of intermittency. Intermittent generation is an urgent problem for renewable energy, and one which can potentially be solved with energy storage. That is to […]

Piezoelectricity could help Californian roads to generate clean ‘crystal’ energy

With almost 30,000,000 registered drivers in California, the state’s extensive road network caters to millions of drivers every day. But the California Energy Commission (CEC) and the California Institute of Technology have seen an opportunity. The two organisations are planning to make use of the kinetic energy of cars travelling over road surfaces, by embedding […]

Graciosa is latest island to go green with 70% renewable power

One of the nine islands in the Azores Archipelago, Portugal, has become the site of a renewable energy revolution – the latest in an international trend in green energy islands. Graciosa, the third smallest island of the Azores with a population of just over 4700, has ditched fossil fuels for a combination of wind energy, […]

World’s largest wind turbines are supplying Opus Energy customers

The UK is now home to the largest wind turbines in the world, and they’re helping to power Opus Energy customers. The Burbo Bank wind farm in Liverpool Bay is using 8 MW wind turbines, the largest installed turbines the world has seen to date. The project is an offshore wind farm in the Irish Sea near […]

6 renewable energy projects in the UK to be excited about this year

We’ve had a great year for renewable energy. In recent news, the UK enhanced its status as a world leader in offshore wind, while three other European countries have pledged to increase the world’s offshore wind capacity by an additional 60 GW. In addition, some of the biggest companies in the world are going greener […]

Record-breaking renewables contribute more than half of the UK’s electricity on single day

Renewable energy sources have written themselves into the record books and the history books in the UK, generating more than 50% of the country’s energy on a single day in June. 7th June was an early summer day characterised by both good sunlight and high winds, which boosted electricity output. The National Grid later confirmed […]

Floating tidal turbine off Orkney Islands smashes generation records

A floating tidal turbine has smashed generation records in Scotland, matching the generation capacity of offshore wind turbines. The SR2000, designed by Scotrenewables Tidal Power, is the world’s largest and most powerful tidal device. The machine is currently undergoing grid-connected testing, which saw it generate 18 MWh over a 24-hour period. This represents a serious […]