How to engage your staff with smart meters: the report

Engaging your team with smart meters is not only a good way to educate them about the roll-out that’s sweeping the nation, but it was also instil the values of good energy management – a bonus for any business owner that wants to keep an eye on their energy consumption. Smart Energy GB – the […]

Latest research says smart meters are on the up

A new report on public awareness of smart meters has been published, showing that 97% of the British public are now aware of smart meters and their benefits. The findings from the Smart Energy Outlook were hugely positive, with as many as 20 million people reporting their interest in having a smart meter installed within […]

The Internet of Things will change the energy industry as we know it

Connecting to the internet has come a long way since the loud, clunky process of firing up the dial-up. And we’re no longer sat at a computer desk powering on a PC tower. Analyst firm Gartner says that by the end of 2017, there will be 8.4 billion ‘things’ connected to the internet – from […]

British businesses give thumbs up to smart meters

A new survey by Smart Energy GB has found that 83% of big businesses in the UK think the energy system needs a digital upgrade. 86% believe that the smart meter roll out is important for the British economy. UK energy companies are expected to begin installing the latest generation of smart meters on British […]

The benefits of using smart meters – A quick guide

There is a lot of information about smart meters floating around on the internet, so we’ve done the hard work for you.