Can we improve solar generation by opening up the light spectrum?

The recent installation of photovoltaic solar has far outstripped the growth of previous years, so says a new report published by REN21, global renewable energy policy network. 75 GW of solar was installed in 2016, outstripping 2015 installations by almost 25 GW. This is thanks, in part, to the mass production and shipping of solar […]

Reaching boiling point: When solar panels overheat

Solar power plays a huge role in the global energy mix. In 2016, it was estimated to make up almost 230 GW of capacity across the world. The proliferation of the technology is thanks to the rapid uptake of the technology in countries such as China and Germany. Solar is so popular because the source […]

Flower power: biomimetics gives new meaning to solar plants

An Austrian company has taken the idea of flower power to the next level, designing an innovative new range of sun-tracking photovoltaic solar devices.

The ultimate guide to renewable energy types

Electricity generated from algae? Heat harnessed from the depths of the Earth’s core? There’s more to renewable energy than wind turbines and solar panels – scroll down and discover the biggest and most intriguing sources of renewable energy.

Hawaiian island of Kauai to run entirely on Tesla battery grid storage system

The Hawaiin island of Kauai has taken a step towards decarbonisation by getting rid of its diesel fuel generators in favour of a battery grid storage system. The installation, supplied by the US firm Tesla, will store excess electricity generated by solar panels throughout the day, which will then be used to power the island overnight. […]

Solar powered phone chargers come to the streets of Belfast

Solar powered phone charging facilities have been installed in the grounds of Belfast’s City Hall. The news means residents are now able to charge their phones in the city centre using sustainably generated electricity. The charging points, called Street Charge units, have been installed by the Environmental Street Furniture Company, a company based in Newtownabbey […]

Australia’s newest solar installation – just in time for summer

A new solar farm has opened ahead of schedule in Australia and it’s heralding a bumper summer for renewable energy down under. The new 20 MW installation, located in the Queensland state in the North-East of the country, is capable of supplying renewable energy to nearly 10,000 homes when at full capacity. Built by the […]

Solar Shelters: turning car parks into carports

UK car manufacturer Bentley has been granted planning permission to build a “solar carport”, a sheltered car park with a photovoltaic array fitted on top to harness energy from the sun. According to an exclusive report by Clean Energy News, the car manufacturer will be installing 11,000 solar panels as they transform their car park […]

India becomes home of the world’s largest solar power plant

The world’s largest photovoltaic solar power plant has been built in the Tamil Nadu region of southern India. The complex near Kamuthi covers an area 10km2 and is capable of generating nearly 650 MW. The news means that the complex is the second largest in the world, with its 648 MW capacity dwarfing both the […]

The invisible solar panel that’s changing the face of renewable energy

Imagine if you could cover your house with solar panels – even the windows – and no one could tell they were there. That’s a dream that’s been realised by a research team who have found a way to create truly transparent solar panel cells.