New wind generation record sets 2018 off to green start

January is rarely anyone’s favourite month, but over the last few years it has developed a reputation as the month in which renewable energy shines. 2018 has been no exception – on 17th January, the UK set a new wind generation record of 13.6 GW between 12.45-1.15pm. This smashed the previous record – itself set […]

Wind power 101: The science behind our largest source of renewable power

One day in early June this year saw wind energy contributing 10% to the UK’s energy mix, and we’ve welcomed some innovative wind energy projects – but how much do you know about the actual workings behind wind power?

Floating turbines give Scotland’s wind industry the edge

Scotland has an admirable record with renewable energy, particularly when it comes to community-owned projects. But the country is aiming to increase its renewable energy installations across the board as part of an optimistic drive. One contributing factor is a willingness to experiment with new technologies – one company which is trialling tidal energy recently […]

Graciosa is latest island to go green with 70% renewable power

One of the nine islands in the Azores Archipelago, Portugal, has become the site of a renewable energy revolution – the latest in an international trend in green energy islands. Graciosa, the third smallest island of the Azores with a population of just over 4700, has ditched fossil fuels for a combination of wind energy, […]

World’s largest wind turbines are helping Opus Energy meet renewable requirements

The UK is now home to the largest wind turbines in the world, and they’re helping to Opus Energy to meet its renewable energy goals. The Burbo Bank wind farm in Liverpool Bay is using 8 MW wind turbines, the largest installed turbines the world has seen to date. The project is an offshore wind farm in […]

Dutch focus on offshore wind helps to reduce carbon footprint

Dutch renewable energy figures received a bump in May thanks to the completion of a new 600 MW offshore wind farm in the North Sea. The Gemini wind farm, situated off the north coast of the Netherlands, is reckoned to be one of the world’s largest offshore wind projects with 150 individual turbines spaced over […]

The ultimate guide to renewable energy types

Electricity generated from algae? Heat harnessed from the depths of the Earth’s core? There’s more to renewable energy than wind turbines and solar panels – scroll down and discover the biggest and most intriguing sources of renewable energy.

Branching out: scientists mimic nature with electricity-generating tree

Scientists at Iowa State University have created a small-scale device which could offer an alternative to traditional wind turbines: an tree that makes electricity when its leaves blow in the wind.

Crosswind kite power raises expectations for wind energy

A new way or harvesting wind energy using high-flying kites has been developed as an alternative to standing wind turbines. The technology is known as ‘crosswind kite power’, and uses kites flown in circular motions to drive a turbine, generating electricity. The kites regulate themselves using only a fraction of the energy generated to guide […]

Scotland achieves renewable energy record for another year

Scotland has started the near year with the news that the country has 595 MW of installed community and locally-owned renewable energy sources, an increase of 17% on the previous year’s figure. This report from the Energy Saving Trust details the extent of renewable energy sources installed across Scotland, as well as a breakdown of […]