The Energy Bulletin: Regulations round-up October 2017

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The Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) recently published their decision on the smart meter non-domestic opt-out alongside other proposals for comment.

Up to now, non-domestic suppliers have not been mandated to use the DCC to communicate with SMETS smart meters. After several consultations with industry, BEIS has decided that the non-domestic opt-out is not appropriate.

As such, non-domestic suppliers will be required to use the DCC to communicate with their SMETS smart meters.

These consultations also asked for comment on a range of other proposals affecting large group customers:

  • To allow customers with an annual group consumption of greater than 3 GWh (gas or electricity) to choose between SMETS and AMR (including new connections and replacement meters.
  • Some B2B suppliers are not required to be DCC Users if they predominantly supply Industrial & Commercial businesses which contain sites that are captured by the smart meter obligation (designation).

Suppliers with less than 1000 designed premises will not be required to become a DCC User until installing or inheriting a SMETS meter, when suppliers must then become a DCC User before taking over supply.

These proposals would give large group customers greater flexibility and choice in their metering portfolio.

You can find out more information on the Ofgem website.

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